Why Waterproof Your Home

Waterproofing Your Home Protects From Floods & Water Damages

Have you ever had a leak in your home that put off until “later”? Improving your home should not be limited to just only what you can see. Waterproofing is one of the most critical yet often neglected improvements for your home. Avoiding to do so only increases the damages your home will endure over time.

At Deluxe Waterproofing, we will never let a leak ruin your home. Even a slightly wet carpet can turn into a flooded basement in a matter of seconds. This could destroy your home as well as your possessions. With waterproofing services, you ensure the longevity and structural security of your home.

Benefits of Waterproofing

Water damages are undoubtedly a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Waterproofing doesn’t just prevent these damages. The benefits you gain include:

Saves You Money

20% of all insurance claims are water damage related. Usually due to cracks in the foundation or rotted wood.

Water damages can occur just from a small trickle of leaking water. A few leaking drops of water can over time develop into extensive damages. Having your home’s foundation waterproofed will save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.


Reduce The Risk of Flooding

In a matter of seconds, a small leak can turn into an unexpected flood. Waterproofing seals the cracks in your home’s foundation that are unseen to the naked eye. Essentially diverting ground water away from your home.

If water gets in your home through the walls or ceilings, it can cause mold to grow. Mold grows within 24 to 48 hours. Any untreated damp or wet areas in your home will become a breeding ground for dangerous molds.

Mold can grow and thrive in areas of your home you cannot really see. Waterproofing your home will prevent mold from occurring. Which ultimately prevents respiratory infections or asthma caused by breathing in mold.


Electricity Is Reduced

When water leaks in your home it causes the air to become damp. Damp air in your home is a lot harder to heat and cool. Sealing any cracks in your home’s foundation saves you annually on energy use.

An overworked heating or cooling system can increase your electricity bill by up to 10-15% a year.  Waterproofing will save you over $200 annually on electric bills.

Protects Your Home’s Structure

If the soil around your home is moist, that means the foundation is prone to water seepage. This seepage affects the area of your home where the walls meet the floors. It also affects areas of your home you cannot see just with your eyes alone. These areas are hidden away from sight but cause a lot of water damages before you even begin to notice.

Water seepage can cause the cracks in your home’s foundation to enlarge and the walls to bow. Essentially causing devastating damages that could have been prevented.

Waterproofing ensures the structural integrity of your home. It ensures the foundation that your home is built on isn’t prone to shifting.

Waterproofing is one of the most important improvements you can make on your home. It ensures that your home stays safe from costly issues that harm not only the structure of your home but also your health. If you want to protect your home’s foundation retains its structural integrity. With Deluxe Waterproofing, you get high-quality waterproofing services you can rely on. For the best waterproofing services in Deerfield Beach, FL, contact us at (954) 623-3777.

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