Waterproofing Services

01. Waterproofing & Caulking

Waterproofing is important in the protection and maintenance of your properties. We diagnose leaking buildings and provide proposals with the appropriate fix, utilizing the most experienced associates for the projects. We assist Contractors, Architects, and Engineers by reviewing their drawings, highlighting any possible problematic areas, and offer value engineering advice. The diverse services that we offer, provides a near guarantee of a smooth and headache-free project which all our construction partners strive for.

we can waterproof

  • Parking Garages
  • Traffic Decks
  • Pool Decks
  • Basements
  • Crawl Spaces
  • Balconies
  • Decorative Finishes
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Curtain Walls
  • Building Exteriors
  • New & Existing structures

Our Process

Our highly experienced crews will inspect the building and perform a survey. Once we understand the problem, we will come in and use only the appropriate products and materials on the market today to provide a solution.


Our Difference

With our experience and skills, we have quickly become a trusted company in Florida. Over the years, we have provided services to top general contractors, prestigious building managers, engineers, homeowners, property managers, and more. We are licensed, insured, and bonded.



With the goal of offering our clients a superior service, we provide warranties on our work. Depending on the scope of the project, the warranties range from one year to 20 years.


02. Mold Remediation

and Remodeling

Deluxe Waterproofing & Caulking, Inc., is an elite mold remediation specialist. Our knowledge in waterproofing gives us a unique advantage in understanding how water is intruding in a building, and how moisture is sustaining the fungus.

Mold Remediation

Poorly maintained buildings will eventually have mold. Mold is sustained by moisture; it will damage buildings, and some are hazardous to our health. We comprehensively look at a mold problem, determining how it is caused, and how to remove it.


Our Clients

Our clients choose us over our competitors because we are very knowledgable in construction industry, with a large network of associates whom we can engage on any problem.



03. Building Maintenance & Painting

Our many years of experienced in the building industry has allowed us to accumulate expertise in many trades, form bonds to some of the best trade's men and building professionals in Florida, which are available to our many satisfied clients. The General Construction services that we offer but not limited to, are as follows:

let us take care of

  • Building Construction
  • Interior Build-outs
  • Painting
  • Concrete Restoration
  • Roof Maintenace
  • Waterproofing & Caulking

04. Concrete Restoration

Deluxe Waterproofing & Caulking, Inc., is heavily involved in building maintenance. Concrete Restoration is a key element of our building maintenance service. Our expertise allows us to repair all spalling, cracking, voids, and rebar corrosion at all beams, columns, slabs, and foundations, and concrete substrates.

Concrete Restoration

Buildings are dynamic structures comprised of a (substructure) foundations and a (super-structure) with beams, columns, and slabs, with time the building deteriorates causing structural defects, categorized as cracks in foundations, floor or slabs, and cracks in walls. These defects should be repaired to avoid further deterioration.

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Our Clients

Our clients choose us over our competitors because we are very knowledgable in construction industry, with a large network of associates whom we can engage on any problem.

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