Why is Waterproofing Your Commercial Building’s Envelope Crucial?

If you own commercial real estate or are developing new office buildings, you know you need to protect your assets. While you may have the best insurance plan to cover you after things go wrong, waterproofing your building’s envelope helps prevent major building flaws before they can happen. Instead of paying contractors obscene amounts of money to repair flaws after the fact, start with a solid foundation and waterproof envelope that will protect your business assets well into the future.

Water intrusion is a come any time a concrete slab contacts soil surrounding the structure. This is true whether it be in-slab on-grade construction or in basements. These spaces interrupt the hydrological cycle and constantly combat water runoff and moisture movement through the soil surrounding the building. With the right waterproofing solution, you will avoid common issues that are much more costly to fix than they are to prevent.

Safety of Staff and Tenants

The safety of building occupants should be your top concern. When your building is not waterproofed, you can face issues with mold, floor cave-ins, and even create sinkholes. You could have employees fall ill due to mold allergies, get hurt on the job, or be unable to come into work due to unsafe conditions.

Less Down Time

With the right preventative measures, you will have less downtime in your commercial building. Instead of closing down due to flooding, or dealing with mold issues after the fact, you can mitigate these issues by waterproofing your building envelope before issues arise.

Reduced Repair Costs

Foundation repair is the most expensive and time-consuming project you will ever face with maintaining your commercial buildings. When your building is not waterproofed properly, foundation issues are a risk your company will have to assume. Reduce the cost of repairs by preparing your building, instead of paying for costly repairs later.

Discounts on Commercial Building Insurance

Most major insurance companies offer a discount when your building is waterproofed. The building materials and quality of construction play a factor in your insurance rates, and more preventative measures upfront lead to great savings on commercial property insurance.

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