Why Is Waterproofing Important?

flat roof building waterproofing

Building waterproofing is a critical piece of protecting your business, home, garage, etc., however it’s oftentimes overlooked, as it may seem as though it’s nonessential to the overall structural integrity of a building—this simply isn’t the case. If you avoid building waterproofing because it seems like an inconvenience, think again. Without proper protection against heavy Florida rains, you’ll likely find your roof, and the rest of your building, experiencing significant damage over time.

Concrete roofs are porous, meaning rainwater and other liquids can and will make their way through the concrete as gravity pulls it down. This can cause cracks to form, not only hindering its structural integrity, but it can lead to some serious headaches down the road.

Protects Interiors From Water Damage

As mentioned previously, rainwater and other liquids will do everything in their power to find a way down, as gravity pulls the molecules towards the surface of the Earth. This means that if your roof has no building waterproofing barrier in its way to stop it, liquids can and will seep through your roof and into your building. As more and more water makes its way through its roof, you’ll likely begin to find things such as light drips from your ceiling, as well as ceiling bulges and ceiling stains as water begins to collect in certain areas. This can cause serious damage to the internal structure of your building, and lead to some costly repairs.

Deters Hidden Mold From Forming

As the water makes its way through your roof and into your building, dark damp areas within your walls and ceiling present ideal environments for mold spores to grow and spread exponentially. Mold can lead to not only costly repairs to remove it altogether, but potential health hazards for everyone within the building. If left unchecked, you could have a serious mold outbreak throughout the entire building. By waterproofing your building, mold growth becomes a nonissue, as your roof is safe from rainwater and other liquids ever having a chance to make it through your roof.

Saves You In The Long Run

A byproduct of water damage in your building is, of course, the extensive repairs required. This can lead to repairs costing upwards of 10s of thousands of dollars to fix your roof, ceiling, walls, and remove any mold/mildew growth caused by water damage. By waterproofing your building as soon as possible, you not only extend the lifespan of your roof by decades, you also save yourself from significant repairs & replacements, along with the associated costs tied to them.

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