What is Mold Remediation

mold remediation

Mold has been at the forefront of homeowner’s radar over the past few years. For most homeowners and first-time home buyers, mold and mold remediation in homes is a very important issue. The home inspection process includes a mold inspection and can often delay the purchase of a home if a significant amount of mold is found. Sometimes homes may be deemed uninhabitable if a large enough infestation is found.

What is Mold?

Mold is a type of fungus. These small organisms can be black, white, orange, green, or purple and live almost anywhere indoors and outside. Molds thrive on moisture and reproduce through lightweight spores that travel through the air. In this article, we will look at what is Mold Remediation and show you 5 steps on how your home can benefit from it.

There are two important things to remember about mold:

  1. Stop it from occurring by putting preventative measures in place
  2. When mold is found, get rid of it immediately.

When it comes to mold quick action is needed to prevent rapid spread. The problem is oftentimes mold occurs in hidden spaces such as under bathroom sinks and in attics. Spaces that homeowners do not often venture into. In fact, mold is usually discovered long after it has had a chance to wreak havoc on your home and cause damage to the structure or even worse cause someone to become sick. But how do you make it so that mold doesn’t become a problem and if it already is, how do you remedy it?

Things To Do About Your Mold Problem

Moisture causes mold

Mold needs moisture to grow so a good rule of thumb is to check areas in your home that are susceptible to moisture. Mold can be an invisible intruder, growing behind walls and appliances and other places that are not immediately visible at first glance. Because mold can often time be ensconced in hard-to-see places, it requires homeowners to have some inquisitive thinking when assessing mold growth. Finding mold involves more than just looking at what’s visibly growing on the walls or in a corner.

Mold needs two things to thrive, one is moisture and the other is oxygen. If you can find the moisture sources in your home then you’ve already won half the battle. Know where moisture comes from and how it gets into your home. Some common areas that mold grows on are drywall, insulation, tile, fabrics, and wood.\

Create a mold Remediation Plan with Proper Documentation

When you hire Deluxe Waterproofing to handle your mold remediation needs, our team will document the mold situation with writing, photos, and video. Deluxe Waterproofing the develop a remediation plan that will provide solutions to questions like when work is slated to begin, when that work is scheduled to be completed, who will be performing the remediation, any testing that should be done, and if homeowners will have to vacate the property during the mold remediation process.

Mold isn’t just an eyesore it also has ramifications for people’s health. Mold can create allergens and even potentially toxic substances. These will inevitably lower the indoor air quality and potentially cause sickness, especially in persons who are asthmatic or have other pre-existing conditions.

What is The Extent of the Mold Contamination?

Mold is a frequent flyer. Given the fact that it is a spoor, all it needs is a tiny gust of wind, and off it goes, seeking the next area to infest. Since mold doesn’t only grow in one area, the Mold Remediation professionals at Deluxe Waterproofing perform extensive checks to determine just how extensive the spread is. We then determine our mold remediation approach based on those calculations. Our goal is complete remediation of all areas affected by mold and leaving the homeowner with a safe home free of massive mold infestations.

Remediate Mold Contamination

For the team of Florida mold remediation specialists at Deluxe Waterproofing, mold removal and remediation include cleaning up existing mold while preventing new growth by addressing the source of the moisture problem. Based on the size of the contamination area, we then determine the level of remediation work needed.

We repair the water problem thereby prevent future mold growth. Then we isolate the contaminated area. Close all doors and windows between the contaminated area and other rooms of the home for both levels. We cover all doorways and any other openings and seal all seams with duct tape. We then mist the area to suppress any dust that may be present. We then remove any loose material and any contaminated material. We carefully seal them in plastic bags and properly dispose of them in designated containers following EPA guidelines.

We sanitize the area with approved antimicrobial cleaners and do a final vacuum with a HEPA vacuum to remove all fine particles. Our mold remediation technicians will then perform a visibility test to ensure all mold and particles have been successfully removed. We then utilize fans, blowers, and or humidifiers in the affected area to speed up and ensure the area is completely dry.

Note. Any damaged material should then either be repaired or replaced

Need Mold Remediation in South Florida?

When it comes to mold, the key is to implement a comprehensive moisture management strategy. Potential liability and health issues from mold can be dramatically decreased by doing it right the first time. Clean-up must be immediate and thorough, following a process like the above steps. Hire a trained professional to handle your mold problem and enjoy your home free of mold. Let the Broward County mold remediation professionals at Deluxe Waterproofing take care of that pesky mold problem today. Contact us here or call us at 954-623-3777 to get a free quote.




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