What Happens If You Don’t Waterproof Your Flat Roof?

pond of water when you don't waterproof your roof

We hear it all the time: “why do I need to waterproof my flat roof? It protects against the rain just fine!”. While that may be the case, your roof is slowly but surely taking on damage from the yearly South Florida rains. These rainfalls wear your roof down, along with general wear and tear that comes with the years. Before you know it, you’re looking at extensive water damage inside your building, wondering what you could have done differently to protect it. Don’t be reactive in your approach when it’s time to waterproof your flat roof or not, be proactive. Consider what you could face down the road if you opt to not waterproof your flat roof:

Water Pouring From The Ceiling

If you don’t waterproof your commercial flat roof, you run the risk of water pouring in from the ceiling. Like everything, water is pulled downwards by gravity, meaning rainwater that sits on your roof will do what it can to make it towards ground level. As the years wear on your building, small cracks tend to form. These are perfect avenues for rainwater to make their way downward.

This rainwater will continue to erode the ceiling as time goes on, unbeknownst to you. Eventually, it will break through, dripping water onto the floor, whether it be a hallway, office, apartment, etc.

Flooding On Your Floors

Water dripping towards your ceilings typically does one of two things if you don’t waterproof your flat roof: it drips or it pools. As mentioned before, water will drip through cracks in the ceiling as it makes its way downwards. Water then sits on your floor, damaging the surrounding area. Water can also pool, collecting in the ceiling. It builds up until the sheer weight of the water punctures the roof and sends the water tumbling down to the floor like a water ride at an amusement park. This water can cause serious flooding, as well as provide a clear avenue for more water to make its way into the interior of your building.

Extensive Mold Growth

In addition to water damage and flooding, rainwater making its way through your building can lead to significant mold growth. Stagnant water, coupled with South Florida’s humidity, makes for a perfect breeding ground for mold spores to grow and thrive. Mold growth can be a significant health concern, leading to symptoms such as: headache, sore throat, runny nose, coughing, sneezing, watery eyes and fatigue, along with potentially more serious respiratory concerns.

Don’t Get Caught Without A Waterproofed Flat Roof

South Florida’s heavy rains can occur at any point all year long. Leaving your roof exposed to the elements can put you in a position to pay for the damages they cause later down the road. Be proactive and waterproof your roof today. Your roof will have an additional layer of defense against whatever gets thrown its way, keeping your building protected for years to come. Learn more about waterproofing your home today with Deluxe Waterproofing, South Florida’s dedicated waterproofing professionals. For over 70 years, we have helped protect buildings across South Florida, ensuring the safety and value of your home with the finest waterproofing services. To learn more about how we can waterproof your flat roof, contact us online or give us a call at (954) 623-3777 today!

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