It’s Time For Concrete Restoration

man working on concrete restoration

If you walk about popular building materials, concrete will have to be brought up at some point. It’s used almost everywhere in buildings, roads, sidewalks, and many other places. Concrete can often go neglected however and will be left to deteriorate. Concrete restoration is important. If the concrete in a building becomes damaged, the entire building can be put at risk due to lackluster support. Concrete restoration repairs old, damaged concrete and returns it to its original look and durability. 

Restoring old concrete has many benefits and you should rely on the pros at Deluxe Waterproofing to handle it.

Signs of Restoration

Cracks: The most obvious and alarming sign that concrete needs to be restored is large cracks. Cracks will appear as time goes on and in some cases don’t have to be worried about. They can also appear through lots of harsh weather or chemical penetration. Small cracks should be checked on as they can often grow and become a larger issue if not dealt with properly. 

Uneven: If you’re noticing that your concrete isn’t as smooth or even as before, this can be a serious issue and should be dealt with immediately. The dangers of uneven concrete can cause serious injury which can result in additional charges. Uneven concrete can be caused by a poorly laid foundation or continuous weathering.

 Water Pools: One of the biggest dangers to concrete is water. Water is able to seep into cracks in concrete further increasing the chances of damage. If you’re noticing large pools of water forming on your concrete, it may mean your draining isn’t properly set up. Pools of water can also cause hazards for cars and pedestrians. Contact Deluxe Waterproofing if this continues.

Discoloration: While concrete can discolor from stains and other general wear and tear, it can often look unappealing. Concrete restoration can help turn the clock back making it look as new as the day it was laid. 

Pitting: While not commonly seen in places with basic foot traffic, it can mostly be seen in places with heavy machineries like plants or warehouses. These deep dents left in concrete can often corrode and become a much bigger hazard for everyone around them.


Reliable Concrete Restoration:

Concrete is an important material that is used almost everywhere, so we should take care of it as best as possible. If you’ve noticed any disparities in your concrete or have any questions, visit our contact page or call us at 954-623-3777

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