Hurricane Season Is Almost Over, Time To Get Your Building Waterproofed

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Living in South Florida has a wealth of perks for all its residents to enjoy. From the close proximity to beaches, to the cultural blend created over the years, it’s a pleasure to live here all year long. That said, there is one thing that looms over every resident’s head all year round: Hurricane Season. While a concern for the entire southeastern United States, South Florida is a direct target for hurricanes and their lesser counterparts throughout the season. Dumping tons of rain on our homes and businesses along with heavy winds, it can take a toll on any building. While you may not realize it, these rains can absolutely devastate roofs over the course of several hurricane seasons, so it’s critical to get it waterproofed. That way, you can rest assured knowing your building is secure for years to come.

How Long Does Hurricane Season Last?

Each year, hurricane season starts on July 1st and runs all the way through November 30th. While the rainy season in South Florida starts earlier in May, about 90% of all tropical depressions, tropical storms, and hurricanes occur after August 1st, with September being the most active month.

Even though hurricane season is coming to a close, this doesn’t mean it’s the time to forget about it. Instead, you should be preparing for the next season that’s just a few months away. Make this the year you get your roof waterproofed and protect your building from seeping rainwater for decades to come.

Benefits Of Waterproofing Your Roof

Saved Money In The Short Term & Long Term

By waterproofing your building’s roof, you’ll be saving yourself significant money in the short term and long term. Waterproofing a roof is drastically cheaper than having an entire flat roof replaced or replaced. Additionally, instead of costly surveys, repairs, and maintenance, having your roof waterproofed removes those concerns. Everyone can rest easy knowing there won’t be a heavy bill following the end of a hurricane season.

Low Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance on a waterproofed roof, it’s drastically easier than expected. While repairs to an unwaterproofed roof can be extensive, costly, and lengthy, issues to a waterproofed roof are typically very easy to diagnose and quick to repair. The repairs are likely needed on the waterproofing rather than the roof itself, making it very easy for the Deluxe Waterproofing team.

Increased Roof Lifespan

The typical roof has a standard tar flat roof is around 10-15 years, whereas one with a waterproof coating can last upwards of 30 years and beyond with proper maintenance. This membrane will protect your roof from the expected wear and tear that comes with the years, coupled with the onslaught of hurricanes and other heavy storms.

Before the next Hurricane season comes around again, contact Deluxe Waterproofing. With over 70 years of experience in waterproofing roofs in South Florida, we have the team and tools to provide you with the best service possible. Contact us online or give us a call today at (954) 623-3777.

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