How To Spot Water Damage

water damage to roof

As the waterproofing experts in South Florida, we tend to receive a number of questions from our clients on when and how to spot water damage forming in their building. While we specialize in stopping water damage from ever occurring from the jump, your building may have water damage before we get a chance to waterproof it. There’s some telltale signs of water damage for you to be on the lookout for before it’s too late. 

Dark Rings On Your Ceiling

An early sign of water damage, seeing discoloration on your ceiling can mean water is beginning to seep through cracks in your roof down towards the ceiling. This rainwater can cause ugly looking brown or black circular stains on your roof. These tend to form on your ceiling, as well as your walls and should immediately alert you to a crack in your ceiling and subsequent water damage. 

Cracking Or Pooling

Cracking and/or pooling is a secondary effect of the dark rings. As more and more water continues to seep towards your roof, it can begin to add up weight that the drywall can’t support. Eventually this will lead to cracks forming, or a depression in the roof/walls as the water is pulled down by gravity. If left unchecked, these cracks and pools can burst, dumping all the water onto your floor and causing serious water damage throughout the building. 

Musty or Damp Smell

Smelling a mustiness or damp air inside your building can be an immediate sign that you’re experiencing water damage. Dampness has a distinct odor that can’t be missed so the moment you smell it we strongly recommend calling experts to make immediate repairs. 

Running Water Sounds

One telltale sign of water damage occurring in your building is the sound of running water. This can be in the form of the sound of a light drip, or coursing water running through the walls. With that said, you could very well hear the same sounds for plumbing that’s in good standing, so keep a sharp ear out for changes in the typical sound. 

If you’ve spotted any of these signs in your building, we strongly recommend getting them taken care of as soon as possible! If you haven’t experienced water damage yet in your building, we suggest not pushing it further and getting your roof waterproofed as soon as possible. With Florida’s year-long torrential downpours, you leave yourself open to cracks in your roof causing significant damage to your building before you even realize it. 

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