How To Prepare For Commercial Roof Waterproofing

commercial flat roof

Your commercial building’s roof takes a beating day in and day out from the constant South Florida rains that can last anywhere from a matter of minutes to hours on end. Battered constantly, your commercial flat roof can only take so much before it begins to give way to the stagnant waters that sit following heavy rains. This water begins to make its way downwards as gravity pulls it towards the Earth’s surface, causing damage to your roof, and potentially additional hidden damage in your roofs and walls that could lead to costly structural damage. What can you do?

Commercial waterproofing provides your building’s flat roof with the protection it needs to defend itself and the rest of your building, however there are certain steps you can take to better prepare your roof. These include:

Identify Weak Points

When preparing your commercial flat roof for waterproofing it’s crucial that you scope out for potential weak points. This can be anything from visible cracks on the exterior surface and pools of water, to brown stains and bubbling paint on the ceiling. If you spot any effects of water damage inside the building, try following them to their possible source to find any cracks that may have formed.

Prepare The Area

Prior to your scheduled commercial waterproofing appointment, it’s a good idea to take the necessary steps to clear the area. If there’s any stagnant water, dry it to the best of your abilities. If your roof is accessible to your tenants or has furniture/amenities, it’s a good idea to remove them as best as possible to provide the waterproofing team with as much access to your roof as possible. This way, the commercial waterproofing team can work seamlessly on your roof without ever being impeded, and thus speeding up the job as a whole.

Clear Access Points

While they’ll be working exclusively on the exterior of your flat roof, they will need easy access in and out of the building to retrieve any materials. The waterproofing team will need direct access to the roof, and tenants will need to be restricted from going up there as the team works.

If possible, dedicating one elevator to the team will help tremendously, as they’ll be able to travel from roof to floor level with ease rather than slowed down by tenants stopping on certain floors.

Let Deluxe Waterproofing Handle The Rest

While you can try DIYing your commercial flat roof waterproofing job, it’s incredibly difficult and requires significant technical expertise to perform properly. If you want your flat roof waterproofing to defend your building for decades to come, trust in the experts at Deluxe Waterproofing. With a 70 year history of providing commercial waterproofing services throughout South Florida, we have the tools, technology, and team necessary to provide you with a stellar waterproofing job. To receive a free consultation on your building’s flat roof, contact us today either online or give us a call at (954) 623-3777!

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