Areas Where Mold Likes to Hide

Areas Where Mold Likes to Hide

We here at Deluxe Waterproofing aim to provide quality services not only so that the foundation of your property remains secure but to also make sure that your well-being and safety are assured. While water damages may not be apparent on your property, it’s important that you inspect your commercial property on occasion to guarantee that no unwanted factors obstruct your routines. you should especially look out for mold, which can pollute your indoor air quality and severely damage your health over time. To learn about where mold most commonly resides in your South Florida property, continue reading below.

Where You Might Find Mold on Your Commercial Property

Restroom Areas

Mold is able to develop due to moisture in the air. In just about any commercial property, the most moisture that will spawn from any area is the restroom. If your property’s restroom happens to have showers in it, and hot showers are common, then steam will keep permeating the room. If this area isn’t aired out accordingly and on occasion, it can create the perfect environment for mold to thrive.


This isn’t too common for many commercial properties as they’re not typically constructed with attics. But if yours has one, you should inspect it regularly as often as you can.

South Florida is known for its reoccurrence of powerful storms and their impact on buildings, particularly their roofs. Because of this, after you inspect your roof for damage, inspect your attic right after. If damage has occurred on your roof, permitting leaks, then you should also check your attic often for mold development.

After you’ve had your roof repaired, keep looking in your attic to make sure that no mold continues growing. Water can be absorbed into the wooden structures of your building causing moisture to be about.


The last place you should inspect for mold is your property’s kitchen. This is probably the most important area to be mindful of as it can be concerning to find mold in your kitchen because of its close proximity to food. It’s also a common area for mold, given the presence of perishable items and moisture.

Some areas of your kitchen you should inspect include:

  • Behind your stove
  • Under the refrigerator
  • In and underneath the sink

Hire Deluxe Waterproofing For Your Waterproofing Needs

If you notice any mold growing in your property, it may be because leaks or other types of water damage have occurred. When you find that the mold is actually caused by water damage, feel free to call the professionals over at Deluxe Waterproofing for their quality work. Through their expertise and professionalism, you can best believe that your property will be kept safe from the issues caused by water damage. For any inquiries, you may call Deluxe Waterproofing at 954-623-3777 or visit our contact page.

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